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Natural Cow Teapot
Cow Teapot, natural

Natural Cow Teapot
Iron oxide finish

Natural Cow Creamer
Cow Creamer, long

Cow Creamer (natural iron oxide finish): $110.00

Longhorn Teapot
Longhorn Steer Teapot

Texas Longhorn Teapot: $190.00

Cow Oil Candle (painted): $130.00

Cow Oil Candle (natural iron oxide finish): $110.00
Angus Oil Candle thumbnail

Cow Oil Candle (Black Angus): $130.00
Cow Teapot with Color
Cow Teapot with Color

Cow Teapot (painted): $170.00

Cow Teapot (Black Angus): $170.00
Painted Cow Creamer

Cow Creamer, Painted
Additional Information: If you would like a Black Angus bull, they look best as oil
candles. Please contact the artist to order this or any other particular type of cattle not shown. As a general rule this pot pour very well.