(Doe or Buck)
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Deer teapot, Buck
Deer Teapot
Deer Teapot: $170.00
Buck Deer Oil Candle
Doe Deer Oil Candle, regular body
Deer Oil Candle: $130.00
round-body style
Doe Deer Oil Candle, lon-body style  
Doe Oil Candle: $110.00
long-body style
Buck Deer Oil Candle, long-body style  
Buck Oil Candle: $130.00
long-body style
Buck long-body Creamer
Buck Creamer: $130.00
long-body style
Doe long-body Creamer  
Doe Creamer: $110.00
long-body style
Deer Teapot, Long-body
Deer Teapot, long
New Deer Long-body
Teapot: $170.00
Close-up of head Close-up of teapot head  

Additional Information: This design pours with some turbulence. Please
specify on the PayPal write in section whether you want a doe or a buck.