If you have a particular dog that you would like to have made as a
portrait pot, please contact the artist. Many types of dogs are available.
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Special Order Portraits YOUR DOG IN 3-D PORTRAIT
jar, oil candle or teapot....small or large size
contact the artisan
Jack Russell Teapot Jack Russell Teapot: $186.00
Jack Russell Teapot, Small Small Jack Russell Teapot: 146.00
Jack Russell Jar Jack Russell Jar: $186.00
Cocker Spaniel Oil Candle Cocker Spaniel Oil Candle, natural finish: $100.00
Schnauzer Oil Candle Schnauzer Oil Candle: $146.00
St. Bernard Teapot St. Bernard Teapot: $186.00
Small Golden Retriever Teapot Small Golden Retriever Teapot: $146.00
Fox Hound Creamer, long Fox Hound Creamer, Long: $146.00
Fawn Pug Teapot
Silver Pug Teapot
Pug Teapot: $186.00
Small Pug Teapot Small Pug Teapot: $146.00
Silver Pug Oil Candle
Fawn Pug Oil Candle
Pug Oil Candle: $146.00
Pointer Oil Candle Pointer Oil Candle, Long-body: $146.00
Chihuahua Teapot
Chihuahua Teapot
Chihuahua Teapot, long-body: $146.00
Chihuahua Creamer Chihuahua Creamer: $120.00
Dachshund Teapot Dachshund Teapot, long-body: $186.00
Dachshund Oil Candle Dachshund Oil Candle, long body: $146.00
Basset Hound Jar
Basset Hound Jar, side view
Basset Hound Jar, long-body. Other dogs in this style are
available upon request. $186.00
Beagle Blue Tick Mix Teapot Beagle/Blue Tick Mix Teapot. You can order your own special
dog done in any of the styles offered. Prices vary according to
style and color.