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Fish Teapot, Natural
Natural.Fish Teapot:
Different species are available
upon request.
Natural Fish Oil Candle
Natural Full -body
Oil Candle: $140.00
Fish Full-body Creamer
New Fish Full-body Creamer:
Regualr Glazed Fish Oil Candle
Regular Fish Oil Candle, glazed
Blue Fish Teapot
Spade Fish Teapot
Porcupine Puffer Fish Teapot
Porcupine Puffer Fish Teapot
Different species are available
in color. Price depends on
complexity and starts at $220.
Contact the artisan for exact
pricing of your choice.

Here are:
Blue Fish
Spade Fish
Porcupine Puffer Fish
Special Order 
Additional Information: The fish teapot and creamers pour well but the
location of the mouth makes the water level very shallow in the pot.