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Winged Gargoyle Teapot
Gargoyle Teapot with wings: $186.00
Gargoyle Oil Candle with wings
Oil Candle with wings: $140.00
Deluxe Gargoyle Teapot
Head of Deluxe Gargoyle Teapot
Deluxe Gargoyle Teapot
Deluxe Gargoyle Teapot: $280.00
Deluxe Gargoyle Oil Candle
Deluxe Gargoyle Oil Candle: $220.00
Oil Candle without wings: $110.00
Gargoyle Creamer without wings: $110.00
Winged Gargoyle Oil Candle/Nightlight
Large Winged Gargoyle Oil Candle/
pricing varies with style and size
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Additional Information: The teapot and the creamer in this design pour very well.