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White Goat Teapot
Painted Goat Teapot

Goat Teapot, painted: $180.00

Oil Candle, painted: $140.00
Painted Goat Creamer

Goat Creamer, painted: $140.00
Goat Teapot, Natural
Natural Finish Goat Teapot

Goat Teapot, natural: $160.00
Style and type of goat can be arranged with the artisan before or after payment.
Natural Goat Oil Candle

Oil Candle, natural: $120.00
Goat Creamer, Natural finish
Natural Finish Creamer with Bamboo Handle

Goat Creamer, natural: $120.00
Painted Goat Long Oil Candle
Painted Goat Long Oil Candle: $140.00
Painted Goat Long Teapot
Painted Goat Long Teapot: $180.00
Natural Goat Teapot, long
Natural Goat Long Teapot: $160.00
Natural Gaot Creamer, long
Natural Goat Creamer, long: $120.00
Natural Goat Oil Candle, long
Natural Goat Oil Candle, long: $120.00
Additional Information: Functionally, this pot pours fairly well..