Daffodil Jar

Regular carved jars with an iron oxide finish on the exterior; top, handles, and interior glazed. The top has a single pattern item (flower, acorn, shell, etc) for the nob. The height is approx. 12". For this jar order Regular Carved Jar then write in the pattern and glaze that you want in the optional comment/note section provided by PayPal. If you want a more complex top with multiple items, please contact the artist.
Regular Carved Jar: $96.00



Sea Shell Jar
Sea Shells
Oak Leaf/Acorn Jar
Oak Leaf/Acorn
Sea Shells Jar, reverse
Sea Shells
Dogwood Jar with color insert
This style is like the regular jar but has a color inserted behind the major elements of the pattern. This looks best in green but also comes in a dark blue. For this jar order the color insert and then write in the pattern and color of your choice.
Carved Jar with Color Insert: $116.00
Chinese Magnolia Jar
Chinese Magnolia
This is the 'Chinese' style jar that is footed, necked, and has a large ornate over-hanging lid. The foot, neck and interior are glazed. The matte stain inserted behind the design (as in the color insert jar) is also used on the lid 'handle'. This also comes in green or dark blue. As with the other jars, when ordering you must state the pattern and color prefered in the write in offered by PayPal. Please feel free to contact the artist and discuss the design of your choice.
Chinese Jar, approx. 16": $170.00