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Mystery boxes are thrown as hollow forms, basically bottles, with no opening. Once the design has been carved out an Exacto knife is used to cut the form in half, forming a 'top' and a 'bottom'. This is done along design lines so that the division is very difficult to see.
The interior of the form is glazed in white.
Hummingbird Mystery Box
Hummingbird Mystery Box, reverse
Hummingbird Mystery Box, open
Open Box
Large, Medium, Small Boxes
Lrg., Med., Sm.
Petunia Mystery Box

Petunia Mystery Box, Open
Petunias, Open

Dogwood Mystery Box

Dogwood Mystery Box, Open
Dogwoods, Open
Sunflower Mystery Box
Sunflower Mystery Box, open
Sunflowers, Open
Not all the motifs offered on the Carved Pottery page are suitable for the mystery boxes because of the limitations of the design. Some of the designs offered are: Daffodils, Dogwoods, Magnolias, Trees, Grapes, Sea Turtles, Fish, Sea Shells, Hummingbirds, and Petunias. When ordering select the size below and write in the design you want in the optional comment section offered by PayPal.
Large Mystery Box:
Medium Mystery Box:
Small Mystery Box: