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The animal teapot bodies are thrown with, generally, two pounds of clay. They hold, when completely fired, about a quart of liquid. The actual volume depends on the style and placement of the head. Naturally, as they are all individually hand made, they vary in size somewhat. However, to give you a general idea of size let us say that the Rabbit Teapot runs approximately 10”long x 9”high x 7”wide. The Dragon (without wings)Teapot, on the other hand, is approximately 16”long x 10 ½”high x 8” wide. This measurement includes the handle.

All the teapots are technically functional in that they are all made of mid-range fired stoneware and contain no lead or hazardous toxins. However, in my view, the functionality of a teapot is based on how well it pours tea. In the beginning of my animal pot efforts I put the most emphasis on this matter but, over the years, I have realized that not many people are really interested in making tea. They just want the neat pot. You will notice that I have made a comment on all the teapots offered on their ability to pour. If you are really interested in the pour ability of the pot, look for a pot that I recommend for that purpose.


Once you have purchased a unique and individual teapot you need to know how to use it.
(This is assuming that you aren’t just going to put it up on a shelf and look at it with the pride of ownership.) The most important thing to keep firmly in mind is that you DO NOT have Corning ware. No. Corning ware is a totally different product and wonderful in its own way but not at all like a real pottery teapot.

Back in times past the use of the pottery teapot was well understood and, in some ways, simpler. For one thing, most people had wood cook stoves and the top had many ranges of heat. While the water you were bringing almost to a boil for your tea was heating in another vessel (probably metal) you were ‘warming’ your teapot on another, cooler section of the stove. By the time the water was at the right temperature you teapot was warmed enough so that pouring the near boiling water into it did not cause thermal shock and crack the pot. Once the tea and water were combined in the pottery teapot you put the cozy over it and let it steep. Then you had your tea served in this great looking pot.

In these days of electric or gas stoves the ‘warmer section’ no longer exists. Therefore,
while you are heating your water (probably in a Corning product) you need to warm your teapot in some other fashion. The simplest is probably to warm your teapot by filling it with hot water out of the tap. Make sure that the sides of the teapot are warm before pouring the near boiling water into it. Then you can enjoy your tea in the traditional manner.

On this theme it should be mentioned that any pottery vessel should be treated with the same degree of respect for thermal shock. The wider the bottom of the vessel the easier it is to crack due to improper handling. If you are using a pottery casserole, put it in a cold oven and then turn on the heat. When you are handling hot pottery ware do not place it on a cold metal or stone surface but on wood or cloth. If you keep in mind the bane of sudden and extreme temperature change your pottery vessel should have a long and functional life. Enjoy it.

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The animal oil candle is more functional than you would think, just to look at it. The body of the pot is lined with plastic and, therefore, will hold the oil without leakage.
I recommend the use of Ultra Pure paraffin, but you can use scented lamp oil, if you like.

Once you have filled the oil receptacle let the pot sit with the wick inserted for several hours before using it. The wick is a synthetic fiber that will not burn unless the oil has been used up. However, it takes a while for the wick to become saturated with the oil so that it burns properly.

If the lamp is being used indoors and more smoke is being created than is desirable you will need to adjust the wick. Merely pull the wick from the bottom of the wick holder until less of it is visible above the wick holder. If more smoke is desired merely reverse this process.

The oil candle can be more than just an attractive light. If you wish to use it on your patio in the warm (and buggy) months of the year, just fill it with citronella oil instead of regular lamp oil and it will repel bugs. When using it outdoors with citronella oil you may want to have it ‘smoke’ more.

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If you would like to have a photo of the pot you ordered sent to you as an e-mail attachment prior to shipment this can be arranged with the artist. Once you have seen the photo you can: a) approve the pot for shipping; b) ask for a one time only ‘do-over’; c) cancel you order and request a refund. In any of these cases instructions must be received within three (3) days or the order will be shipped out, regardless. This offer does not apply to orders that have been altered or added too at the request of the customer. If your order is a non-refundable one the artist will make every effort to make sure that you realize this before the order is processed.

If you decide to cancel your order (option c) you will be refunded your payment minus a 20% processing fee.


If, after you have received your pot, you decide for whatever reason that you really don’t want it you can get a refund. You must ship the pot back to the artist. Upon the pot’s return you will be issued a refund of you payment minus the shipping charges and a 20% processing fee.

When your pot is delivered to you please check it over thoroughly at that time for shipping damage. All the pottery is packed extremely well but sometimes disaster strikes in weird ways. Report any damage to UPS immediately, retaining the box and all packing material. Every shipment is insured and you should get full payment from UPS (for the pot and the shipping) if you act promptly. The artist will be glad to assist you.

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I will make animal effigy pots or carved jars into funerary or memorial urns. At this time I don’t have a page made up for this. However, if you will contact me I will be glad to discuss the possibilities. An animal effigy urn the size of a teapot will cost approximately the same as a teapot. The urn can be made to be ‘pet specific’, in that it will represent your pet as closely as possible. Carved jars come in a variety of sizes, the smallest cost $38.00 and hold about a cup and a half.

Some pet owners like to have an effigy urn of their pet and put keepsakes in it that remind them of their departed friend; collars, favorite toys, etc. This makes a very special memorial for your pet that is not site specific, a boon for many owners.

I have mainly discussed pet memorial urns because those are the ones that I get the most requests for. However, I do them for human cremains, also. Animal effigy jars here are usually for some animal that has special meaning for the deceased or the Chinese animal that represents the year of birth.

Name and dates can be added to the jar upon request.

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Did you find the perfect gift but now it’s too late to have it made in time for that
special event? Contact the artist and have a special Gift Announcement made to
give on The Day. This announcement can be done in calligraphy by hand, have a
picture representing the pottery on order and many other variables to fit your needs.
It will be the best card you ever gave!